Slacknote and Hidden – “Where’s The Score” (Evol Intent Remix) [KILLSAFARI REMIX] AVAILABLE NOW!

Our breakout remix of Slacknote and Hidden’s “Where’s The Score” has been reimagined by Bro Safari and Kill The Noise’s new project KILL SAFARI. Have a listen above or check it out where all fine music can be found.

Evol Intent, UFO!, & Nerd Rage – Offworld Trenches AVAILABLE NOW!

The new collab with our brovs UFO! and Nerd Rage is available now wherever all fine music is sold or streamed.

Evol Intent – Nostromo AVAILABLE NOW!

Our new tune ‘Nostromo’ is available now wherever all fine music is found.

Also we have set up a presence on Bandcamp. Look for releases there and more soon!

Evol Intent & Des McMahon “The Skids” Available now!

Buy/Stream it now here:

Evol Intent – “The Ladies” Des McMahon Remix – Free Download!

Have a free download of Des McMahon’s Remix of The Ladies!

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