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  • Corey

    are you guys actually coming to phoenix landing in cambridge MA on 10/22/09? I hope so. Please reply.

  • Aleksi

    You bringin the party to Finland?
    Would be gre-e-e-eaaa-aaattt-t- to seeyaa doing some korg-a-nano-shit here. Contact The Prodigy and bring theh party near me, Joensuu city, Ilosaarirock 2010, would be awesome-a-ness to ten. Like your tunes.
    Greetings from Joensuu, Finland:

    – Aleksi L

    PS. Just watching “evol intent live together as one part 2” from youtube. And wondering if there’s part three available for public.
    Binding back the hip-n-tha-hop-to-tha-track, guys.

  • Celena Pollock

    I’m looking for some pictures or video from SXSW 2010. Is there someone I can contact? It is very important.

  • All this silence better mean a new album is in the works… I can’t take a prolonged absence from you fuck tards. Your music makes my nipples hard and hard nipples happens to be my fountain of life so please, help a brotha out.

  • TJ

    Any chance of touring in the UK? London Specifically?

  • Sajmen

    Yeah, you guys should make a Europe tour especially one in Holland.
    Can’t wait for a next album.
    “I’m happy your grave is next to mine” is the best name of a song I ever heard.

    Greetings from the Netherlands.
    Keep up the good work! 😉


    Please come to the Netherlands.. We’d jump one night long!

  • jacob

    hey hey, come to the uk, specifically surrey uni, weve got a fuckoff big sound system here!!!

  • jan beetsma

    youre all mighty gods, everytime i hear broken sword i’m getting crazy.
    thanks for this peace of art !!!

  • jan beetsma

    o yeah, please come to holland !! please !!!!!!!!

  • Junglist JaQ

    Go back to making Drum n Bass.. your Dubstep sucks.. sorry just my oppinion… what happened to your immense complex breaks like “middle of the Nighr”?

  • Ethan Free

    Hey I caught Evol Intent at Underground Sound 6 this past summer and they fuckin killed it. Even with only 2 people. Whats an estimate of what it would cost to book yall somewhere in Wisconsin?

  • dong knots

    Are those prankmovies of you still somewhere online? I can’t remember the name anymore, but it included scenes like: “Gigantor: I’m raving with a pineapple on my head”, “arsenic: dong knots” and stuff like that 😉

  • i have really loved you guys over the years and I am starting to get into producing and was wondering if you had any tips on how to achieve a dark sound like yours?

  • spiros koufos


  • 5K17Z0

    You guys are the shit!! Im from Ohio and was gonna go to “Back To The Grime 2”, but unfortunate shit happened and I had to back out. Any chance of you coming back towards the OH/KY area in the near future?

  • D0C.

    When you guys playin in So Cal?

  • we would love to have one of you fly out to Detroit on the 14 of sep for wonka 3 please contact us a.s.a.p to discuss details.

    thank you,
    R.evolution / strange luv

  • Laura

    PLEASSSEEEE COME TO HOLLAND! I would really love to see you guys live. would dance the shit out of evol intent!

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